Wander is the Best Travel Tool for Digital Nomads


Tells us this sounds familiar: you decide at the last minute to hop on a plane to a dream destination, but you’ve booked it so spontaneously that you don’t have any time to research and you arrive with no clue what to do. Or, you’ve had a vacation on the books for months but are too busy to spend hours parsing through generic top ten lists, and show up in your destination feeling totally aimless.

One of the reasons you’re probably clamoring for that vacation in the first place is because you’re so busy! Between bolting for the subway at rush hour and collapsing on the couch when you finally make it home at night, you can’t exactly spend much time casually browsing Pinterest for vacation ideas. Besides, there’s a reason the best trips unfold when you know a local on the ground – locals have better tips than any random corner of the internet.

Some people in this conundrum think about hiring a travel agent, but that can cost one serious chunk of change. Wouldn’t you rather spend that extra cash on a hike in a remote stretch of the Peruvian Amazon or a truffle tour of Tuscany?

Fret not, friends. There’s a faster, cheaper way to get the experiential (and Insta-ready) vacation you need.

Enter Wander Like Me, your secret weapon for the perfect adventure. Wander Like Me is an instant trip builder based on the ideas of locals who actually know what’s what in their city. You’re in control every step of the way, building your trip based on what sounds exciting to you – without ever having to wonder whether the suggestions will actually be fun. You can see the spots you’ve always wanted to check out without feeling, well, trapped by tourist traps.

This is perfect for any type of trip, whether you’re visiting someplace for the first time or have been there before but don’t know what’s beneath the touristy surface.

Here’s how it works.

First, choose your destination.

Easier said than done – the world has so many vibrant options to choose from. But if you can just pick one to start with, there’s always more time in life to see more. Head to the Wander Like Me site and choose one of our destinations.

Next, choose what you like to do when you travel.

Are you a beach lounger or more of an adventure-seeking type? (Or both!?) When you’re in a big city, do you prefer shops or museums? Here’s what you can choose from:

  • Beach
  • Shopping
  • Hiking
  • Outdoors
  • Arts & Culture
  • Family

Then, pick your perfect itinerary.

Each of our itineraries are written by locals and offer three things to do and see along with lesser-known travel tips. They also include advice for navigating the local transportation system (the hardest part of being in an unfamiliar place, right?) You’ll also find information on pricing in the destination, links to helpful websites, and other hard-to-find details that can help you get where you need to be. All the stress is removed from your travel planning, so all you have to do is show up.

Our locals suggestions are one-of-a-kind.

Our itineraries are written by locals from all over the world who know their turf like the backs of their hands. They can help you find all the spots you would never come across on their own. From tucked-away basement bars to lesser known art galleries to off-the-beaten path hiking trails, they know how to step away from the crowds and really immerse yourself in your destination. It’s the kind of stuff you just won’t find in a top ten list or a guidebook.

Access your itinerary through the Wander Like Me app.

You can buy each itinerary for $19.99, and you can access them through the Wander Like Me app anywhere you go. It’s like an instant travel self-guide in your pocket. You’ll have the help of a travel agent and local tour guide in one. Get ready, set off, and enjoy your adventure!

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