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What’s the biggest truth about being a digital nomad? It’s hard to focus! There are so many amazing places to explore. Managing to find some time to work is hard. Let’s be real, you don’t get as much done like when you are in the office. But that’s not a bad thing. Digital Nomad travel is all about balance. Working on what you love and exploring amazing cultures, nature and working on yourself.

We asked our locals for their best tips and tricks to traveling and working as a Digital Nomad in Panama, Greece and Croatia.

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Top Digital Nomad Tips for Panama

Why is it, that you can never find strong Wifi when you do need to work and want to work. The Wifi is slow, no printers, meeting rooms, and with one bar of cell phone reception you find yourself hanging out of windows. And it’s not just finding Wifi, it’s about finding fast Wifi. Us digital nomads need to keep up with our corporate colleagues Zoom calls.

Well, Wander Like Me to the Rescue.

Many of our locals are digital nomads themselves. They feel you. And top on their list of places to go for co-working while traveling is Selina Hotels. It’s as if WeWork and a high-end hostel gave birth. Voila, Selina. They have the best remote offices for us crambitioius nomads. Selina prides himself on having fast Wifi. And we thank them! Saved us from flying back to NYC for our meetings.

Selina hotels started in Panama by Israeli founders/surfers. The hotels have co-working spaces, meeting rooms and strong wifi throughout. And because of this reputation, it’s littered with other digital nomads for you to adventure with on those off hours.

Selina in Panama Digital Nomad Wander Like Me

Digital Nomad Tips for Greece

WeWork is almost everywhere now. Peru? Check! Argentina? Check! Greece? Nope we are still stuck in ancient civilization. What is a digital nomad girl gotta do to get some work done?

Don’t fret. There are several co-working places in Athens or you can do my fav move and check out out one of the most trendy hotels in your hood and have a working lunch.

So you already know we are super fan of Selina. Here is Athens, Greece is no exception. We have stayed multiple times at Selina Athens here and have used their day passes to use their co-working area, that has even faster wifi- even on their rooftop.

If you want to change it up, hit up The Cube. They have 24 hour access, private phone booths, INSANELY fast internet recording studio and free photocopying. It’s the best Christmas gift any digital nomad could wish for. You can get a day pass to use their open tables. A day pass will cost you about 15 euros. A steal!

If you feel like doing a tour of co-working spaces, our next fav is the Impact Hub. I started to visit them in Madrid and San Sebastian, Spain and was pumped to learn of their Athens location. As the name implies, they welcome in start-ups focused on environmental and social change. But they are really open to anyone climate change friendly. We love the cozy feel of their courtyard. Hard not to get inspired here.

Santorini Greece

Digital Nomad Tips for Croatia

Ok, so Croatia is a hard one for co-working. The small islands don’t really have co-working spaces. While cafe can be inspiring, they are loud. Are locals’ back ups are hotel lobbies. They are always clean, usually have business areas for working, which are looking more like WeWorks. And you know they will have some free strong wifi. I like to find a comfy chair in the lobby and grab a latte or cocktail while I am Zoom-ing. Don’t tell my boss about the cocktail.

While in Hvar, I stayed at Pharos Hvar Bayhill Hotel and worked pool side under an umbrella. In the afternoon, I used one of their bikes to tour across the coast and beach hop. Now this hotel gets me and my crambitious ways.

Working in Croatia as a Digital Nomad. Wander like Me tips.

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