Tips to Saving Money when Traveling During Inflation


Inflation ain’t stopping me!

Travel is expensive, we get it. Especially during inflation. While some flight prices sky rocketing, just like my Starbucks chai latte, there are still some deals to be had. Flight prices for certain destinations like Fort Lauderdale and Bahamas are seeing some steals.

Here are our best travel tips to save you money, so you can get out there and start exploring and start swimming with the pigs!

Bahamas swimming pig

No Frills Hotels

Pick the cheapest hotel room. You don’t need that free breakfast, extra square feet or pool view. You are barely in the room. Just make sure it’s clean and in a good location close to the attractions you want to see. Heck, they will probably upgrade you anyways.

Some of our favorite no frills hotels is the Pod 39 in NYC and it’s amazing rooftop bar and tacos!

Don’t Pay Later

Never use Kayak’s “later pay” feature to hold flight prices. It’s a scam! We have tried it and although they hold the price for you and you will have to pay more. Book your flight at least a month out for the best rates. It’s like the saying, if it’s too good to be true it is.

A friend was looking to take her family to Costa Rica but the flights came up to $8,000 CDN. My advice, look for cheaper destinations this year and go to Costa Rica next year.

It’s not worth paying the interest or paying later just for a vacation. Save up and have your dream vacation the following year.

Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya

Eat High End and Low End

Go high end and splurge on the things you love. It’s your vacation and you worked hard for this girl! Love to eat? Book that Michelin star restaurant in San Sebastian, Spain. Love remote getaways? Book that sailing catamaran charter in The Bahamas.

But this also means, cutting back or saving more pennies. I like to cut on flights. So the cheaper flight has three stop overs, think of this as a chance to explore another city. Full size car, may now become your scooter adventures.

Trust me, I like a $20 glass of wine in a gorgeous hotel. But I also love a deal and seeking happy hours is my thing.

No More Insurance, Thank you!

Credit cards have a lot of insurance that already cover you for travel expenses, like lost luggage, delayed flights, medical emergencies and my favorite car rental insurance. Most people don’t need to take out more health and car insurance…unless you are doing extreme sports like my husband.

And what credit card has the most benefits, you ask? American Express has always been able to get me better seats and free flights, but it also has the best insurance policy for lost items. But insurance still won’t cover any late charges for returning that car late so make sure you get it back on time. You usually pay a penalty and a higher rate for the extended day. So call ahead lazy!

Reserve Early, Cancel Late

Book hotel rooms early to secure good rates, then revise reservations later if needed. This is important in case you are traveling around the holidays. For instance August in Europe is a mad house and people book a year in advance. Or March Break. It’s not just the young-ins. Those eager moms are booking Spring Break getaways as soon as school release the dates.

Just remember to cancel. I have fuxxx up on this a couple of times and my husband won’t let me forget it. So put lots of email reminders in your calendar and phone a couple days before. Or just ask your husband to be your reminder. Then it’s his fault if you get charged. HA!

Off Season is Now the Cool Season

See the other side. The local side. The slow side. Visit Iceland in the winter. Costa Rica in the rainy season. Bahamas in the summer. You can usually find cheaper flights and better rates for accommodation. My favorite of time to visit Europe is in September better prices in the Fall so you can extend your summer travels.


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