Tips to Saving Money when Traveling During Inflation


Travel is expensive, we get it. Especially during inflation. Here are our best travel tips to save you money, so you can get out there and start exploring.   

No Frills Hotels

Pick the cheapest hotel room. You don’t need that free breakfast, extra square feet or pool view. You are barely in the room. Just make sure it’s clean. They will probably upgrade you anyways.

Don’t Pay Later

Never use Kayak’s “later pay” feature to hold flight prices. It’s a scam and you will have to pay more. Book your flight at least a month out for the best rates

Eat High End and Low End

Healing groups is a great way to connect with like-minded folks seeking a respite from the usual tourist traps. Beyond checking events and hashtags on traditional social media channels like Instagram and Facebook, it might be helpful to check, a site that links you to local activity and affinity groups. Not only will it instantly put you in touch with locals, you’ll also find people connecting around all kinds of highly specific hobbies or identities – so if you’re looking for your wellness tribe, look no further. In Lisbon there’s a large group focused on personal development and self exploration, plus a smaller sound healing and meditation group.  

No More Insurance, Thank you!

Credit cards have a lot of insurance that already cover you for travel expenses, like lost luggage, delayed flights, medical emergencies and my favorite car rental insurance. Most people don’t need to take out more health and car insurance…unless you are doing extreme sports like my husband.

And what credit card has the most benefits, you ask? American Express has always been able to get me better seats and free flights, but it also has the best insurance policy for lost items. But insurance still won’t cover any late charges for returning that car late so make sure you get it back on time. You usually pay a penalty and a higher rate for the extended day. So call ahead lazy!

Reserve Early, Cancel Late

Book hotel rooms early to secure good rates, then revise reservations. Just remember to cancel. Google reminders needed.

Off Season is Now Cool

See the other side. The local side. The slow side. Visit Iceland in the winter. Costa Rica in the rainy season. Bahamas in the summer. You can usually find cheaper flights and better rates for accommodation. My favorite of time to visit Europe is in September better prices in the Fall so you can extend your summer travels.

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