September’s Endless summer in Europe


We know that travel and flights are high. Inflation and costs of living are out of the roof. But that doesn’t mean you can still have that COVID travel revenge. 

September has always been my favorite month to travel. While we are starting to see the leaves change color in North America, Europe is still hot and the waters are warm. Summer vacation season doesn’t end in Greece and Spain until the end of September.  Travel revenge is still on! More time to wear our cute sundresses and not freeze watching the finals in baseball. 

Even better, prices are affordable compared to the gorged prices of August. And the crowds and kids are back to their 9-5 schedules. So what are you waiting for! Start planning. 

Here are our recommendations for September summer vacations.

Ibiza and Formentera

Party kids are back in school. It’s time for a more sophisticated cocktail hour. Just kidding. It’s still wild but a milder spice Ibiza with more appropriate Spain lower prices can be found.

Azores, Portugal

A set of little islands in the middle of the ocean. A well kept secret for several years, TAP airlines has discounts for you to have a layover and explore before hitting the mainland.

Lefkada, Greece

Haven’t heard of it? It’s where locals vacation on the Ionian Sea. No white, dome house but an Italian influence but still very much Greek.

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