Selina and Wander Like Me- How Millennial Hipsters Travel

Selina and Wander Like Me- How Millennial Hipsters Travel

Interview with Eric, Selina guest and Wander Like Me Traveler

So you are off to Buenos Aires! Don’t know where to stay? Don’t know what to do? That was the case for Eric. A digital nomad and CEO of his own start-up, Eric chases summer and cities with cool urban vibes to work from.  So far, Eric has lived in San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto and recently moved to Barcelona, Spain. But from January – May 2018 he called Buenos Aires home.

As a frequent traveler, Eric wanted somewhere to live that had great ambience, was clean and had other young professionals. He was a newbie to the city and was also looking for inside tips to seeing the ‘real’ Buenos Aires. He wanted to live like a local and not a tourist. And that’s where Wander Like Me and Selina hotels come in.

Selina, not a girl, but an amazing hotel. Selina has self described as a hostel but after a month of living in one in Buenos Aires, it’s much more than a hostel. It’s a hipster hotel that caters to us Millennials who work hard and play hard. 

Wander is partnering with Selina Buenos Aires, to offer their guests FREE local itineraries. 

Ask me about Wander!

We interviewed Eric about why he thought Selina and Wander Like Me were the perfect fit for him while traveling through Argentina.

Wander Like Me:: Why did you pick Selina compared to other hostels?

Eric: I had been looking at staying at either an Airbnb or renting an apartment. But Selina was also offered long-term rentals and a great social dynamic that allowed me to meet new friends while I was here. I honestly picked Selina because I needed friends in a city where I knew no one. I couldn’t have done that on Airbnb. And the people at Selina were young professionals unlike other hostels with 20 yrs olds who like to get drunk and party all day.

Wander Like Me: What would you recommend about Selina to others?

Eric: It’s safe, professional, and the rooms are amazing. It’s a great balance in my opinion.

Wander Like Me:Did you feel at home? Why?

Eric: The staff were great at Selina and were so welcoming and friendly.  I made friends with the staff and by the end of the second day you knew everyone’s name and they knew yours. I would stop at the front desk and get updates on their days and they would ask about mine. The staff were not just people to check you in and take care of logistics but they wanted to hear your story and loved meeting new people.

Wander Like Me: Why do you like to travel like a local? Did Selina and Wander help you travel like a local?

Eric: I travel for long periods of time because I want to learn and live the culture, not just pass through. Wander Like Me itineraries helped me do that. They didn’t just tell you about the top places to see, but how to avoid the tourist traps and how to get there. Without Wander, and my favorite tour guide Lauren, I would have never visited a bunch of amazing places, like lunch on the El Tigre and sunsets on top of the Palacio or biking to the botanical gardens. Wander was a cheesy tour, but self-guided, written by a local. I could go when I wanted and wander at my own pace. I would definitely recommend it to others.

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