Our Locals’ List of Must Do’s in Berlin

Our Locals List of Must Dos in Berlin

Berlin is a city of simplicity. I know, all the visitors come for two things; the history and the partying. But its really a city of balance. EDC music by night and lush parks walks by day. Beer gardens and sausage and mid afternoon cakes and coffee. Old Berlin Victorian looking buildings adjacent to concrete block office buildings. With Berlin being the epicenter for the Cold War and World Wars, it’s a living museum of remaining artifacts: Berlin Wall, Charlie’s Check Point, and old soviet radio bases turned into music venues. And after all the history, you party at the night to morning club.

But Berlin is growing with younger millennials flocking here for jobs, as Germany is currently one of the most stable and booming economies in the EU. Notably their startup tech scene. Berlin is becoming noted as a liveable city with a balance between nature, work and amazing food.

Our locals are some of those newly transplanted millennial, settling in and looking for career and family opportunities.

Our Locals will tell you all the details of where to go and discover in these emerging hipster “keitz” with our Berlin itineraries.

Our Locals’ List of Must Do’s in Berlin!

  • Uber isn’t used by many people here but still functional. It’s just as easy to hail a cab in Berlin.
  • Get on your Bike. Drivers in Berlin are very safe and watch for pedestrians and biking is a great way to see all the parks and lakes.  Take a bike ride to Just make sure to follow the right of way, which can be confusing at times. Check out Treptower Park and stop by one of the boat houses for some Reisling.
  • Come in June when it’s not too crowded but the weather is nice to enjoy all the parks, biking and beer gardens.
  • Get fit like the Germans! Join them in running around the rivers and drop into a cycle studios or cross fit class and improve your German. I dropped into a cycle class at Ride Berlin that was in German and English. Great way to start my morning!
  • With a strong middle eastern culture, trying a falafel is a must. Our locals can tell you where.
  • Bike by the canal and pack a picnic and sunbathe with the locals.
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