Last-Minute Travel Booking: How to Choose Your Own Adventure


Most of us plan major hikes, trips to UNESCO Heritage sites and to world wonders down to the last detail. Last-minute travel booking? Forget about it! Planning the adventure is half the fun of it!

Months before our trip, we know how we’ll get there, what we’ll see and how much it will cost. But all these details are usually forgotten when booking our itineraries in entry cities (often referred to as hub cities) before arriving at our destination sites (often known as spoke destinations). 

Last-Minute Travel Booking: Hub and Spoke Travel

When will you ever make it to Buenos Aires or Cusco again — after your trips to Patagonia and Mach Picchu are distant memories? Remember that time you had a 14-hour layover in Shangai on your trip from Bali to Rome — and it turned out to be one of the highlights of your trip instead of just a detour

When it comes to making your hub the highlight, we’ve got you! Wander Like Me is a great app for those unplanned moments. 

You can ask the concierge or the front desk in your hub hotel for tips, but they often have deals with major tour companies to steer you toward big-bus, big-box tourist traps. 

Or, you can search Wander’s list of local itineraries and instantly download them to your phone.

Last-Minute Travel Example #1: Machu Picchu/Cusco

Let’s say you’re hiking Machu Picchu. We can’t think of a more amazing experience than climbing up all those stairs and turning the corner to discover a hidden Inca village. 

In short? It’s breathtaking. 

But what about your plans for Cusco, the town where you start your adventure? We’ll give you an itinerary, replete with three off-the-beaten-path activities, hole-in-the-wall eateries and tips and tricks for getting to and from your attractions. We also include pertinent local info (did you know more visitors suffer from altitude sickness in Cusco than on Machu Picchu?).

Last-Minute Travel Example #2: Patagonia/Buenos Aires

Already checked Machu Picchu off your bucket list? Patagonia it is! The amazing W-trek from refuge to refuge should definitely be next on your bucket list. 

But what are your plans for Buenos Aires? Are you planning to go to Mendoza too? If you’re like us on our first trip to Patagonia, you’re probably thinking, What the what is Mendoza? 

We’ve got a few itineraries to keep you entertained in both cities — again, highlighting off-the-beaten-path attractions and eateries. 

Hey, we love Argentinian steak (and we highly recommend adding a steakhouse to your must-do list) but we would be devastated if you somehow managed to leave Buenos Aires without trying the best chipas in the city.

Custom Itinerary Planning Steps

Creating your last-minute travel itinerary is easy! Only five easy steps will get you to new and exciting places:

1. Name your destination.

2. Choose your favorite types of activities.

3. Pick from a list of daily itineraries written by locals; the itineraries include three attractions, locals’ tips, transportation details, costs and links to websites for more information.

4. Buy each one for $19.99.

5. Access itineraries through the app.

And you are off! It’s instant travel self-guide — like having a local in your pocket.

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