It’s Still Summer in Greece


It’s still summer in Greece! I have lived in the Cyclades of Greece for three summers and the best time to visit is September. The water is the warmest, less lines for tables at restaurants, and more relaxed atmosphere to chat up the locals and hear their stories of how they have been vacationing in the Cyclades for years, before the Mykonos party scene.

Wander Like Me’s Tips: Know before you go!

Car Rental Adventures in Greece

If you plan to rent a car, bring an international license if you are from the US. Even better, take the bus! It’s safe and only around 2 euros.

It’s Windy

So make sure you bring a long cover up for the beach and for those nights on seaside patios.

Is that Google Translate in Your Pocket? Or are you..

Make sure you have Google Translate on your phone with the camera feature. It will help to translate signs and labels in stores that are just in Greek.

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