3 Facts You Didn’t Know About Argentina

3 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Argentina

1. Buenos Aires is the most visited city in the continent

Maybe because of its nightlife, food variety or because you have options for every kind of tourist or traveler, the fact is that Buenos Aires is the most popular city for tourism in South America.

Buenos Aires is a creative city, crazy in a good way and super generous! There are a bunch of activities you can do or places you can go for free. It is also charming, you will get amazed by enjoying a drink at secret bars with bohemian vibes in San Telmo or exploring this low class but super colorful and full of immigration history named La Boca. There is room for everyone in this city that opens up for whoever wants to discover it.

2. Argentina was the first country in South America to authorize same-sex marriage

Argentina Approved Gay Marriage in 2010. This new law gave gay people the same marital rights as heterosexuals, including adoption and inheritance rights, and reflects the broadening legal recognition of same-sex relationships across Latin America. This law was a big triumph achieved by the LGBTQ movement organized in Argentina that for many years fought for equal rights for their community.

Accompanied by these legislation, the gay community started gaining presence in the cultural scene in Argentina. Particularly in Buenos Aires, during the past years, many bars, cultural centers and theaters have been driven by LGBTQ community members and became popular icons not only for their claims and demands but also as safe places for joy and art. Buenos Aires atmosphere of diversity, liberty and respect makes it the top destination in Latin America for all kinds of travelers. Find LGBTQ friendly activities in the Wander Itineraries and with Frommer’s guide.

3. The 3 top meals in Argentina are asado, locro and pizza

Despite what most people would say, the top 3 most popular meals in Argentina are asado, locro and pizza.

You probably know what asado is basically a slowly cooked barbecue made from one of the best beef cuts you will ever try. Argentina is famous for it´s cattle and meat, nothing new about this.

Locro, is a hearty thick stew made out of corn, some form of meat (usually beef, but sometimes beef jerky or chorizo), and vegetables such as pumpkin. It is also one of Argentina’s national meals. The reason why we eat this is associated with native Andean civilizations and mountain range where this dish became popular during the independence war that was taking place in that region.

But not everything is meat in Argentina’s food culture…why is pizza one of the most popular meals in this country? Do Argentinians eat that much pizza? The answer is yes but the reason why is related to different facts. You probably know that many Italians migrated to Argentina during the world war, more specifically, 2 million Italians arrived in Argentina between 1880 and 1920.On disembarking in Buenos Aires, the poorer Italians crowded into the water front barrio, La Boca. In the circumstances, what could be more natural than for those who knew how to reproduce the bakeries of home?

However, the traditions around pizza transcended this particular moment in history. Corrientes Avenue, during the 30’s, was the most popular place in the city to walk around, gather with friends and watch a play at some theater. But during the late 30’s after the big economic crisis people didn’t have enough money to buy a ticket, so they just wandered around with friends, watching the lights and the window shops and then go get some pizza. Pizza was affordable for everyone, it was cheap and delicious and slowly became part of every Porteño’s tradition that persists until nowadays.

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