Dinner and Bar Hopping in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

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The Little Sister to Williamsburg- Greenpoint

So everyone knows about Williamsburg, but have you heard of Greenpoint. Just a couple of blocks over and you enter a medley of polish traditional shops and an emerging hipster neighborhood. An overflow of young professionals and artists are moving into Greenpoint’s more affordable apartments. And with that comes amazing coffee shops, restaurants, and rooftops with incredible views of the NYC skyline.

Brooklyn New York Skyline
NYC Sykliine Views from Greenpoint

Little Dokebi

Little Dokebi is one of the best Korean spots in all of NYC, and people trek from places much closer to the mainstream Korean BBQ joints to experience it. The quaint, comfortable space alongside McGorlick Park adds a Brooklyn feel that makes this the perfect place to kick of a night of bar hopping in Greenpoint, but the food is what pushes Little Dokebi into “Favorite Restaurants in NYC” status. Come hungry or with a group, because you’re going to want to order the entire menu including the spicy and perfectly textured rice cakes, crispy Korean fried chicken, and traditional bibimbap.

Most importantly, dabble in the Korean BBQ section of the menu. We’re not going to anything other than red meat is the move here… the steak cubes and bone-out short rib both melt in your mouth and absolutely must be on the table.

An assortment of traditional Korean sides comes with the feast for a little fermented crunch. On the liquid side, Little Dokebi has a full bar and menu of sake and Korean craft cocktails (gotta love Brooklyn). We’ve particularly enjoyed the Cucumber Soju.

Greenpoint Brooklyn New York
Greenpoint Streets


Goldie’s takes an old world Vegas theme and runs with it in a perfectly Brooklyn way. After dinner, walk to the other side of McGorlick Park and slide into one of Goldie’s sparkly booths. The drinks are just as fun as the atmosphere – everything frozen margaritas with paper umbrellas to a more serious bourbon drink that will really give you the Vegas poker room feel. That being said, if beer is more your speed, Goldie’s is a great place to get a cheap pint and keep things casual. This bar is mostly filled with Greenpoint residents so you are sure to get a good glimpse of the local crowd and be immersed in the Brooklyn bar scene. There’s also a back patio for sitting outside on nice nights, which is one of our favorite ways to enjoy time at Goldie’s.

Brooklyn Streets New York


To elevate your experience a bit after Goldie’s and get a festive mood going, head to the lively cocktail bar Ramona. This is a place to trust your mixologist, and there are many different creative cocktails on the menu that the bartenders will be happy to help you select from. Thankfully while the cocktails are serious the space itself is not; Ramona has almost tropical upscale decor that lends itself to a fun crowd and good action at the bar. When it comes to drinks, our favorites are the Vivian Darkbloom or Golden Fang for tequila, the Spider in the Cup for whiskey, and the Painkiller for when you want to get loose. The cocktail menu reads like a classic novel so definitely give it a good look! Move over Lower East Side speakeasies. You have competition.

Ramona Greenpoint New York

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