About Us

We are really after building a community of Wanderers (locals and travelers) and tools to help them have the most authentic experiences.

We want to bring sustainability in travel industry and get you off the beaten path while helping to support the local communities, by creating micro-economies

Creating better tools to Wander like a local.

From the Founder

Hi there! I’m Lauren, the founder of Wander Like Me.

I am a worldwide traveller and I know how much that in this modern day and age, we want everything at our fingertips without any stress or extra effort.

In 2017 I became a digital nomad. I was travelling to new and different places and didn’t want to waste my time going through all the travel books, websites and friends’ itineraries. They just weren’t making the cut. Not only were the tips outdated and inaccurate, they didn’t actually cover the things I wanted to do.

Let’s be real, I have no desire for my Mom’s travel guide, thanks, but no thanks! The story felt real for so many people. It was like there wasn’t a modernized version of a travel guide that spoke to us millennial peeps. I wanted fully baked itineraries and concierge support. And I wanted it NOW. I knew I wasn’t the only modern day traveler feeling this pain! I started to vlog about my experiences and all of a sudden I was getting weekly requests for my itineraries. The questions started to flow from every area in my life, so I tapped into various travel groups and all of them came back saying that they wanted to travel deeper.

EVERYONE wanted authentic local experiences. They wanted full travel itineraries. Of course, this was nowhere to be found and even though there are a crap load of tools out there, I couldn’t for the life of me find one source or tool to help them plan a trip like that. And Whamo! Wander Like Me was born.

We built a platform that connects the modern traveler to local itineraries across the globe AND you get onsite locals that can support travelers in REAL time from their mobile. Yes, you can even text a local! You plan everything else in your life, so let us do the planning and connect you to the right people.

Wander Like Me gives you instant self-guides chalked-full with all the locals’ tips. The easy to use app, brings you to all the best hidden secrets, gives you a map, restaurant recommendations. No stress, best sites, amazing bites and truly exclusive experiences.

Wander Like Me DM is your real time bff who even sprinkles a little sugar on top to give you local flair inside your typical travel experience. Whether it’s finding a restaurant that serves her favorite vegan dish when her original destination was closed, helping her find Tylenol when she’s hungover or even a new rental car when he may get a flat, we got you covered!

Customers all over the globe are raving about our itineraries because of the new way they are able to access and experience their bucket list travel with more culture, stories and insider tips.

Lauren J McCullagh


What's Included:


1-day step-by-step, self-guide written by locals


Insider secrets to avoid the crowds


A themed adventure. For those gastronomic enthusiasts, or those history buffs, or those underground music lovers.


Each guide contains 3 activities. Think morning, afternoon and evening adventures. An activity might be biking along a river, taking a cooking class, climbing a mountain to get to a beautiful chalet for lunch


Get a map and route, restaurant recommendations and of course the local’s tip.


What's Not Included:


Don’t meet the local. On your time and pace


Not a paid tour. We recommended classes and tours but we don’t take any fees.


No mark-ups. We don’t take sponsors. Our tips are authentic.

Our Trips

Creating better tools to Wander Like a Local. For all those things you can’t Google

We're here to help

Most frequent questions and answers
  • Each Wander itinerary is a 1-day plan on what to see and do in your city. It’s a step-by-step guide for travellers to explore on their own and at their own pace.
  • Itineraries are based on a theme. Create plans for those gastronomic enthusiasts, or those history buffs, or those underground music lovers.
  • Each itinerary leads travellers through 3 activities, think morning, afternoon and evening. This gives them time to explore on their own and also maximizes their days.
  • An activity might be biking along a river, or taking a cooking class, it might be to climb a mountain to get to their second activity of lunch at a beautiful chalet.
  • Activities include a description, map, restaurant recommendations and of course the local’s tip.
  • We built this platform to help travelers get a more authentic travel experience and skip all the tourist traps. There is no amazing database of local tips and tricks to help you plan your trip, until now. Now there is
  • Wander Like Me. Easy, peasy travel planning tool. Little stress and lots of amazing locals’ tips.
  • UMMM, the best people to recommend tips for traveling is YOU!
  • Have you constantly shared tips and tricks with your friends on how to travel to a certain destination? Are you recommending places to visit? Are you sending recommendations on what to do or where to eat in your home town to EVERYONE? Lol
  • Then stop doing it for free!
  • We are here for you! We want you to get paid to help people not to swarm the Eiffel tower and have more of an immersive experience.
  • If you are interested in being featured on our website under the Local Page, (bio video, IG account), please email us at [email protected]
  • Once you write and upload an itinerary, it will be forwarded to our Chief Wander for review and approval. If we see any edits that need to be made, we’ll ask you to implement the changes. Once your itinerary is finalized and approved, you get paid through wise.
  • We sell each itinerary for $19.
  • You get paid $15 for each one you sell. Once a customer buys one, the money goes straight into your piggy bank via Wise.com.
  • The remaining amount goes to help support our little website and to make sure it stays hip and you know so it doesn’t crash so you can keep selling.
  • We have a new fancy Local Dashboard. You can watch the sales of your itineraries.
  • See what customers like and update your itineraries so they become top sellers.
  • Travellers can leave reviews. Get that good star and review their comments.
  • Do you have more questions? Our Wander team is happy to jump on a call and walk you through it.
  • Email us at [email protected] or book a calendly meeting and let’s chat about how you Wander.


We love answering your questions!